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Bonsoir!!!  everyone!

My name is Prius Shota (Pri Chan): Art Photographer.

Thank you very much for visiting my blog.

Can you believe  April is almost over !!??  Time flies , indeed…

どうやって?? 気になる!『心に灯す光と色彩のパレット』の創作裏側! How works of “La lumiere et la couleur” is made??  Simple explanation!











By the way,  Are you curious about how artworks of “La lumiere et la couleur ” is made?? 

Fortunately,  It has earned a good reputation what a beautifully colored art works with lights. 

This time, I’m just going to show all my followers its making steps 🙂 (Special!)




最新作である、『 La dance de la fleur  花の踊り 』の流れ


こちらが最新作の作品、『 La dance de la fleur / 花の踊り 』の完成形です♪


1.Shooting / 写真を撮る





At first, I will shoot before thinking about an image I’d like to do. For example, a work inspired by a song, a location spot where flowers grow, model is a dancer; looks like she is about to start dancing at any moment, flowers can be framed…. something like that.


2.Add a light and pale color by picture edit app /写真編集アプリで光と色彩を加える





ここで使うのは、photoshopではなくてスマートフォンの画像編集アプリです!!確かにphotoshop でもしようと思ったらできるのですが、基本パソコンが必要なので編集できる時が限られるのです。それもあって、スマホのアプリだと通勤の電車の中、お昼休み、などちょっとしたスキマ時間に編集ができるのでスマホアプリを愛用してます!

Secondly, I’m going to edit that the picture by lights and a pale colors. This time, I will use not Photoshop but a smartphone editing app!!! Actually, it can be made by photoshop except only a situation I can’t use a laptop and  PC. That’s why I usually use this app anytime and anywhere (e.g In the train, lunch time, etc).



3.The roughly flow of processing is / エディットの大きな流れとして






※もう一度フィルターを加えてみました。ここから再度フィルターをかけたり色相を若干微調整することで完成形となります♪ (また今回はテクスチャは加えていませんが、加えるとまたガラッと印象の変わる写真に変化します。)







1. Add a filter

2.Add a light leak

3.Adjust hue ,

4. Add a texture (e.g. Colorful Bokeh, sparkling mask)

5. Repetition



All you can edit by smartphone app only is convenient!!




  • Meanings / 意味

Light Leak / ライトリーク: 光漏れのこと。

Hue / 色相:

りんごの色は赤、レモンの色は黄、空の色は青・・・というように、誰でもその「色あい」を思い浮かべることができますよね。 この赤、黄、青というように、それぞれ区別される「色あい」を色相といいます。さらに赤と黄といえば、全く別の色相だけど、赤と黄の絵の具をまぜると黄赤ができ、黄と緑なら黄緑、緑と青なら青緑・・・・というように色相は繋がりを持ち、ひとつの輪を作ります。これを色相環といいます。

Everybody can imagine “a tint”, such as an apple is red color, lemon is yellow color, sky is blue color . Red, Yellow, and blue – each of these is a hue. Also, Yellow-red is a hue of both red and yellow, Light-green is a hue of both yellow and green, and Blue-green is a hue of both green and blue….. Hue makes a connection and a color wheel.

テクスチャ:  画像表面の質感や模様を表現するために使われる様々な画像素材のこと。

Texture: is the perceived surface quality of a work of art elements, expressed the feel of a material or pattern.




In the end, as a result from editing step by step 1 to 5, a work will be “La lumiere et la couleur “.



 ☆ Want to learn about the Retouch and Edit / レタッチ、エディット(編集)をもっと学びたい!!! 









“I want you to teach me the steps in detail!”

“I’d like to see how things go !”

“I wanna make the artwork of  “La lumière et la couleur , too!!”

“I can shoot but I’m not sure how to edit….I hope you to tell me how to do that.”etc…




Prius Shotaプレゼンツ

Photo Lesson “La Classe( クラス)”』を定期的に受講されることをお勧め致します

I really recommend you take regularly a Photo Lesson “La Classe”  if you thinking about that.:)



In the first time, I will introduce a smartphone app I often use , how to do the basic operations, tell you what my original techniques, and you can see how retouch and edit go:)



You can develop a photo technique, such as retouch, edit.


Photo Lesson “La Classe” はサービスプランの一つです♪

Work / お仕事内容一覧



Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to know that:)





“Hope to inspire you.”
“And it hopes to inspire someone.”


Prius Shota (プリちゃん)



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