【VOICE】vol.4 Haru 様

【VOICE】とは? / What is 【VOICE】?


Bonjour!!! 皆様、こんにちは!! 

アートフォトグラファー、Prius Shota(プリちゃん)です!



『心に灯す光と色彩のパレット』の世界観を好まれるお客様は皆、各々夢を持ち日々全力で活動されている素敵な方々ばかりです :-D 


インタビュー内容は、『心に灯す光と色彩のパレット』の実際の撮影感想だけでなく、撮影させて頂いたお客様にもフォーカスし、”何を生き甲斐として人生を歩んでいるか”、”将来どのような人になりたいか” 等、Q&A形式で皆様にシェアさせて頂きます。




Bonjour! Everyone !

This corner ,”VOICE”, is a Client review received a shooting request of “La lumiere et la couleur “. They have a dream , always do their best, and have such a great character.

In this content, I will share all of you guys by Q&A. For example, not an actual shooting review of “La lumiere et la couleur ” but interview focused on a wonderful client. “What is the most important in your life ? ” or “What do you want to be in the future ? ” .

I really hope you this article would be a good opportunity inspired to be fine.


vol.2、vol.3 のインタビューは下記リンクからご覧いたただけます。


【VOICE】vol.2 戸田真紀子(Makiko Toda) 様 / Model & Actress

【VOICE】vol.3 竹村純哉 (Junya Takemura ) 様 / Model


第4回目は、SNSで被写体としてご活躍されている、 Haru 様です。


Q1. 貴女は何を生き甲斐として人生を歩んでいますか? “What is the most important in your life ? “

Haru 様:


I cherish meeting with someone nice. I absorb many things a kind of value and ideas by meeting a lot of people.

Q2. 『心に灯す光と色彩のパレット』の世界観を体験されてみていかがでしたか? “How did you like an experience





I was really excited about “If I will be a model, how a image could be done ?” 🙂 . Because I saw his photos from a while ago.

It’s very glad for me to be involved with the works. That artworks make me heartfelt and magical, as if I saw a painting even though it’s a photo.

Q3. 将来どのような人になりたいと考えていますか? “What do you want to be in the future ? “






Q4. 最後にご要望などございましたら、お聞かせください ♪ “Please let me know if you have any requests for me.”





I’m very looking forward to seeing your works and the world view only you can do!! 🙂


Haru 様 、ご協力ありがとうございました!!




Shooting / アートフォトセッションについて

次は貴女の出番かもしれませんよ♪  😉

Thank you for your cooperation!!

Please let me know if you’d like to shoot for an artist.

Your turn is next !?!?


Profile :  Haru  




She has active as a model in Tokyo, Kanto region.



Instagram: Haru





“Hope to inspire you.”
“And it hopes to inspire someone.”


Prius Shota (プリちゃん)




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